What is the Directing Fellowship?

The Directing Fellowship Program is designed to take directors accomplished in their respective fields (features, commercials and/or music videos) and have them work alongside episodic television directors. The selected directors will foster relationships and fine tune their art to fit the television format.

While in the program, directors are assigned up to three episodes of one (or more) NBCU scripted show from production prep to post. The director is responsible for working alongside the show's director(s) in every aspect of a director's responsibilities including but not limited to the following:

  • Procuring television shooting styles, schedules and rhythms.
  • Giving input on setting shots, and give direction (where appropriate) to cast and crew.
  • Playing an active role in suggesting blocking, shots, etc… to directors.
  • Helping to prioritize and order shooting schedule.
  • Providing director with feedback on the shooting order for the episode.
  • Track shot orders and notes for the directors.
  • Candidates insure that scenes track and provide feedback on performances.
  • Sit alongside the director during the editing process to finish the episode providing feedback where appropriate.
  • Consult with director and producers during prep on shooting script, production design and casting.

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What's the Process?

Now in its third season, the NBCU Directing Fellowship Program continues to provide opportunity for experienced directors to make the transition to television. Built from a need to open up the pool of directors with whom NBCU works, the Fellowship accepts only 100 nominees per year (first come, first serve). We ultimately select a small group of finalists to shadow NBC Universal shows such as Community, Parenthood & Necessary Roughness. The final decision on who shadows & on which show lies with the participating shows themselves. Our directors gain invaluable experience and the preparation needed to make them capable of directing one of our episodes.

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The 2013-2014 Nomination Period is now CLOSED.

Thanks to all those who submitted. Please check back in early 2014 for information on the next nomination cycle.




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